You get what you pay for

Top 10 reasons to re-consider a quote from a cheap villa

  1. They may be illegal or unregistered
  2. They are in poor condition and not well maintained, with no backup generators
  3. They are in an unpopular/difficult location
  4. Check for reviews – and compare their reviews on a website like Tripadvisor with ours – if they are not there, or are not many, then this is cause for concern
  5. Quality of fittings, furnishings and appliances
  6. Lack of amenities or inclusions
  7. Under staffed meaning lack of service in all areas from villa staff to office support
  8. No 24 x 7 security guards
  9. No breakfast or ability to provide other meals cooked for you in the villa
  10. They do not have a 10 year track record of providing top quality service and high customer satisfaction