Bali is a wonder of the world in its own rights. Ancient traditions, tropical beaches, lush green forest, towered by the giant volcano Mt Agung. Bali has been a paradise for travelers for decades and in which time it has grown their culinary delights to the peak of success.

In this class we will teach you a complete introduction to the unique Hindu culture & cuisine.
The understanding of the colorful ingredients matching certain gods, how the food is first offered to the sprits and gods before consumption, how the sacrifice of animals to higher forces at special ceremonies has all contributed the evolution of there beloved ancient Hindu cuisine,

Plants, animals and spirits all have a part to play in building up the elements of this wonderful island
Balinese cooking has an extremely wide range of fresh produce, fruits, vegetables, fish meats and spices.

The Balinese taste is very spicy with hints of sweat and sour, some bitter and a little salt is used, bumbu paste, is the word used for mixed spices pounded down in the cobek, volcanic stone (pestle & mortar.) These bumbu pastes are then used in a variety off dishes, from coating fish and meats before grilling, to spicing up soups and stews.

In this class we will explain the essence of Balinese’s cooking, step by step with Chef Dean & Chef Putu.

The whole morning will be spent the cookery school in Seminyak Square, it’s a fun day of sharing knowledge and stories with a beautiful lunch to finish.

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