April 2021 Villa Bugis Seminyak Villas

Bali Plans For July Opening To Foreign Tourists

Did we say opening to foreign tourists? Yes we did – but it’s not quite opening the floodgates yet. Firstly, there are initially 3 ‘Green zones’ earmarked to receive foreign tourists – Nusa Dua, Sanur and Ubud. We have also heard that it may only initially be open to  certain low risk countries too (The Tourism Minister Sandiaga Uno mentioned that Australia, China, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan would be the first countries to be included on this new reopening strategy).


We eagerly await further developments/updates, and Buddy will keep you in the loop from here on the ground in Bali!

Vaccination progress

All of our staff have been vaccinated now, as has Buddy, with their first shot, and soon to have their second – we are all so happy for this to have happened, and hoping we all keep happy and healthy here, and you there – it’s been a long wait, hasn’t it?!

The government here is working on plans to have most vaccinated (70% we have heard from some sources) to achieve herd immunity in Bali over the next few months, in preparation for opening to foreign tourists – starting from July.

Buddy’s Bali Food Tips

Ok, let’s talk about one of Buddy’s favourite topics about Bali – FOOD! It’s not just a tropical paradise, it’s food heaven! Not just local food – Indonesian, and specifically Balinsese, but Western and Asian food of all persuasions! Not only is the quality high in the land of the gods, as it attracts world class talented cooks and chefs – but the prices are so very reasonable, making fine dining affordable, and local foods just crazy cheap for most foreigners!

Over the next few months we will showcase some of the best of all types in Bali – just to get you drooling and missing Bali some more!

Let’s start with Indonesian food – and the most favourite example – Nasi Campur. Nasi means rice, and campur means mixed – so you will get to pick and choose firstly your rice type (white, yellow or red) and then you get to point from an array of dishes, meat, fish and vegetables, and you pay based on what you selected. You can also ‘bunkus’ or takeaway, and it will all be neatly wrapped and packaged for you!

You may have heard of Nasi Padang as well – so what’s the difference – well Nasi Padang is a style of Nasi Campur – same concept – just different types of food – originating from Padang in Sumatera – Buddy’s favourite Padang dish is Rendang! You can usually tell the difference, as Padang style is usually the ones you see stacked up cleverly on plates in the window like this:

Bintang Progress

A quick update on the rebuilding of Bintang supermarket – it’s coming along nicely, starting to take shape, the second floor is now coming along, and you can see the front will be home to some specialty shops again it looks like! We are watching with excitement, as this Seminyak Icon takes shape! We will keep you posted!

Quick fact – Bintang means ‘star’ not beer!


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