Bali Covid-19 Update – December 2021

Bali Covid-19 update December 2021 as @ 07/12:

Bali and Indonesia as a whole continue to record relatively low infections and deaths, which is great news – the not so great news though, is an extension of quarantine from 3 days, to 7 days, and now to 10 days, as a reaction to the new Omnicron variant – we are hoping this is temporary, as the world tries to work out what the new variant actually means.

Bali Summary for December 7th:

New cases in Bali yesterday were 5 and recorded Covid-19 deaths were 0. 

The 7-day average for new positive cases was 9, while the 7-day average for deaths was 1.  Active cases in Bali numbered 160.

Yesterday’s numbers for the whole of Indonesia were:

  • New positive cases 130
  • Recoveries 2,005
  • Deaths 9. 

Bali vaccination numbers for 06-Dec-21 were:

First dose 3,455,885 (77.4% of the population);

Second dose 3,052,037 (68.3% of the population)

Minimum Quarantine Now 10 Days:

Indonesians returning from visits to the named 11 countries during the past 14-days must now submit to a mandatory 14-day quarantine. Meanwhile, Indonesia has lengthened the 3-day quarantine period for all international travelers – both foreign and domestic – first to a longer quarantine of 7-days – and then to 10 days.

Before the extension of the quarantine period and the banning of 11 countries and regions from entering Indonesia, the Government had already declared a partial lockdown (PPKM) nationwide for the period 24 December 2021 until 02 January 2022 to discourage travel, gatherings, and celebrations that might foster the spread of COVID-19.