Bali Covid-19 Update – March 2021

Bali Covid-19 Update – March 2021

We also get this question a lot…. So, how is the Corona Situation in Bali? Here is the Bali Covid-19 Update – March 2021 excerpt from

  • The Situation in Bali is very much controlled. The numbers had been considerably low compared to other areas in the country, even worldwide
  • Most travelers have left Bali. There are no international tourists at the moment
  • Indonesia has banned all foreign arrivals
  • All citizens and visitors are asked to follow the guidelines of “SOCIAL DISTANCING”
  • Food shopping and other important necessities are still possible
  • A decent amount of restaurants, bars and hotels have opened again
  • Major events have been cancelled and the governor has instructed the Balinese to stay away from mass events (religions and non-religious).
  • Tourist attractions and beaches that had been closed are open again
  • Thousands of Balinese have lost their jobs and businesses have gone/are going bankrupt without ANY income. Personal hardship for the Balinese is very high

Bali Covid-19 protocols are strictly enforced in Bali. The local Balinese are very strict in following health protocols, especially masks. For many non locals, not so – and there has been a need to address that – In a new gubernatorial regulation (Regulation Number 10 of 2021), foreign nationals who violate health protocols and provincial laws pertaining to Bali COVID-19 can now face an increased fine of Rp. 1 million, with repeat violators subject to deportation from Indonesia.

During the enforcement period from 11 January until 06 March 2021, enforcement efforts in Badung Regency netted 2,240 violators who were not wearing masks and not following other health protocols. From that total, 411 were fined a cumulative Rp. 41.1 million. Those not fined received verbal warnings or roadside disciplinary actions, such as a requirement to do push-ups.

Here is a graph of covid rates across Indonesia – which also appear to be reducing, and on the right trajectory. Vaccinations will of course help this a lot. So that’s the Bali Covid-19 Update – March 2021!