Bali Covid-19 Update – September 2021

Here is the Bali Covid-19 Update – September 2021 – Finally some ‘better’ news on the Bali Covid-19 numbers front – better news is of course relative.

The Covid-19 daily infection numbers are finally trending down now, with new daily cases in Bali under 200 from the highs of around 2000, and recorded Covid-19 deaths are under 30, half of what they have been over the last month. The 7-day averages are also declining. Good news indeed!

Bali Covid-19 September Update 1 Bali Covid-19 September Update 2

Bali vaccination numbers for 02-Sep-21 were: First dose 3,185,573 (71.3% of the population); second dose 1,883,132 (42.2% of the population) which is no doubt reflected in the reducing cases.

Source: BaliCovid

Bali Covid-19 September Update 3

Bali lock-down seems to have eased slightly, albeit unofficially – more places are opening, for slightly longer hours and domestic tourists definitely on the increase, as Seminyak beach was quite congested over the weekend, with beach goers – a long time since a ‘traffic jam’ has been seen here! No sign of any change in policy regarding international travelers yet though.

What causes this increase in domestic travel to Bali? The Indonesian government recently lowered prices for COVID tests, after more than a year of the test being too expensive for many Indonesians. PCR tests are now capped at IDR495,000 in Java and Bali, and IDR525,000 for the rest of the country. Rapid antigen tests now cost IDR99,000 for Java and Bali, and IDR109,000 for outside the region. These new prices are about half of what they used to cost. 

Source: Bali airport sees more passengers

No sign of any real change in policy regarding international travelers yet though. Just some ‘it’s coming soon statements about the green zones again – but it’s always ‘coming soon’ and then it doesn’t happen : “The Head of the Bali Tourism Agency, I Putu Astawa confirmed that he has recently heard the plan from the government to partially reopen the international travel corridor in the near future. “As a response to the demand from tourism businesses in Bali to open our border for international travelers, the government finally plans to test the reopening of the international travel corridor for Bali in the near future.” Astawa said on Sunday (5/9).

Source:  Bali Re-opening Plans

We hope you enjoyed the Bali Covid-19 Update – September 2021 edition