Bali Opening August Update

Last month it was maybe yes, maybe no, on again, off again plans for Bali opening to tourists – so what is the Bali opening August update? Well it’s definitely closed again now! Even stricter measures were put in place instead, dashing hopes of various businesses around Bali that are so reliant on tourism. The light at the end of the tunnel, apparently, was a train called Delta! The Indonesian government has temporarily barred foreigners and foreign workers from entering the country as one step among many to prevent the spread of Covid-19The ban on foreign visitors and foreign workers takes official effect on 21 July with a two-day grace period until 23 July to accommodate people already in transit to Indonesia. 

Five special categories of foreign workers are exempted from the prohibition, including:

  • Foreigners holding a diplomatic visa.
  • Foreigners holding a diplomatic stay permit or service stay permit (izin tinggal dinas).
  • Foreigners holding a Temporary Stay Permit (ITAS).
  • Foreigners holding a Permanent Stay Permit (ITAP).
  • Foreigners who journey is intended to provide medical or humanitarian assistance, such as doctors coming to Indonesia to assist in handling the COVID-19 pandemic and medical laboratory technicians.

Here are the details of Bali opening August update Bali opening for tourism

When Bali does open however, you better have had your vaccination shot by then – as proof of vaccination will be mandatory to enter Indonesia (and to leave!). Upon arrival international visitors are required to show Covid-19 vaccine documents in order to gain entry into Indonesia, including Bali during the implementation of the emergency partial lock down. “Apart from a negative PCR test, international visitors are required to be fully vaccinated in order to gain entry into our border.” said the Spokesman of Maritime and Investment Minister, Jodi Mahardi. Read more here:

International Visitors Required To Show Proof Of Covid-19 Vaccine As Entry Requirement To Bali

We hope you enjoyed our Bali opening August update – we are so looking forward to Bali opening to tourists!