Bali Opening March Update

Bali Opening March Update

When is Bali opening to tourists? Are you getting tired of this question? We keep hearing different reports, different dates, by different countries by different politicians and health professionals! But the dynamics of COVID-19 and the sometimes poor handling of the pandemic means nothing’s ever really set in stone. Sure, we can be hopeful and optimistic, but even then we must not neglect the importance of sticking with the science and looking after public health. Here is a Bali Opening March Update.

From Coconuts Bali:

“In one of the more recently announced timeline, Indonesia’s Health Minister said it will be at least another year until Bali opens to international tourists, thus putting the potential reopening of the Indonesian borders to April 2022. After speaking to public health experts a few weeks ago about the planned “green zones” in our little island, that timeline does seem to make a lot of sense, as long as officials take the necessary steps.

Of course, we’re a bit taken aback that President Joko Widodo suggested during his visit to the province this week that Bali might reopen in July if the handling goes well. Well we don’t know about you but even as much as we’d love for this lovely place to restart again, it really should not be done in haste.

So when is it going to be? It’s obvious there’s a lot to be done before we get to any reopening”

So here is what The Indonesian President said about Bali re-opening mid year in this Bali Opening March Update