Bali Opening Update – March 2022

Bali Opening Update - March 2022

Bali Covid-19 And Travel Update March 2022 @ 15/03:

Here is the Bali Opening Update – March 2022

Omicron seems to not have hit Bali as hard as other places, and seems to have peaked based on the numbers, and appears to be starting to fade away – from last month’s 7-day average for new positive cases which was just under 2000 – to this month, where it is just under 200. 

Long may the trend continue, as borders slowly relax.

New cases in Bali 0n the 14th of March were just 101,  recorded Covid-19 deaths were 5. 

The 7-day average for new positive cases was 147, while the 7-day average for deaths was 6.

Bali vaccination numbers for 14 Mar -22 were: 

  • First dose 86.7% of the population
  • Second dose 78.8% of the population
  • Boosters 19.5% of the population 

As for travel, well, the news is also good, with the government relaxing the rules yet again for international travellers, to make it easier. They seem to be constantly updated recently, but here are the latest guidelines for foreigners from the Bali Provincial Government in English. The devil, as usual, is in the detail!…/posts/285144793766442 


o Re-introduction of Visa on arrival (VOA) for 23 countries, at a IDR500,000 fee

o Requirements as @ 13 March 2022:

  • Passport valid for 6 months
  • Return Ticket
  • Proof of Min 2 x vaccinations
  • Negative Covid Test 48 hrs or less
  • Covid 19 coverage travel Insurance
  • Proof of booking 4 days/ 3 nights in CHSE certified accommodation
  • Download Peduli Lindungi app
  • CHSE certified transfer from the airport (no family or friends)
  • Register e-CD (Electronic Custom Declaration)
  • Register mobile phone and be reachable on WA at any time
  • #1 PCR test at the airport for cash, credit or debit, IDR 275,000
  • #2 PCR for you on Day 3, at your accommodation for IDR 275,000 plus transport cost.
  • Any positive test will require check into the special isolation hotels

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