Bintang Supermarket Rebuild Update December 2021

Bintang Supermarket Rebuild Update

Bintang Supermarket Rebuild Update December 2021 – all I want for Christmas – is Bintang back to its former glory! 

This icon of Seminyak grocery and tourist shopping has been undergoing a complete rebuild from the ground up – you may remember Bintang Supermarket burned down in Jan 2020. It’s plans for rebuilding began in Aug 2020, and has been somewhat slow to rise from the ashes, largely due to Coronavirus one would think – but now we can definitely see how it is going to look, as the exterior takes shape, and the smaller shops below ready themselves for leasing… meanwhile, the temporary Bintang in the rear of the carpark continues a brisk trade to supply Seminyak with all its grocery needs in this legendary one stop shop!

Bintang Supermarket Rebuild Update2

Bintang Supermarket Rebuild Update3