February 2021 Villa Bugis Seminyak Villas

Where has the first few months of 2021 gone?!
We here at Villa Bugis Seminyak Villas are not sure whether time going quickly at the moment is a blessing or a curse! So what’s happened in the last month?
Firstly, happy Valentine’s Day for last month by the way – the Bugis Bali Buddy is sending you all our love, as you are all our valentines, and hope you had a good one, even though you couldn’t be here sharing it with usl!

Many of you may be aware that one of the biggest icons in Seminyak, Bintang Supermarket, supplying so many of our Seminyak Villas, burnt down a little over a year ago, causing much disruption to local shopping habits! Alternatives were quickly sought, but it’s just not the same as Bintang, right?! Well the good news is, the Phoenix is rising from the ashes, and hopefully we will have a bigger, better Bintang, right in the same place as it was before – we are all keen to see it back – there is a smaller version next to it that has been operating for the last few months, but it’s probably only running on a few cylinders compared to the real thing… but, better than nothing!

On the Covid front – Indonesian officials have been talking about potential plans to establish COVID-19 “green zones” in Bali soon, signaling the possibility of reopening to mass tourism that would include foreign visitors. Nothing is set in stone just yet, as we’ve seen several times now throughout the pandemic – but we live in hope!

We thought you may be missing the sights and sounds of Bali as well – so here is a pic to jog your memory of poking around on a scooter in Bali!

For those people in Bali – or can get here and wish to stay a while – we are currently doing longer term Monthly rentals during Co-vid – at crazy rates! See here for more details:https://villabugis.com/bali-monthly-rentals-private-pool-villas-seminyak