From its opening in 1998 on the Seminyak beach, the Rip Curl School of Surf quickly gained the reputation as the finest surf school in Bali, twenty years later and having taught more than 400,000 visitors to surf, kite, wake and windsurf. The Rip Curl school of Surf students to have the best conditions wet and dry season. The Rip Curl School of Surf programs are internationally renowned for their thoroughness; essential transfer of knowledge, made easy through professional program study books, as well as simple to follow techniques taught by our certified foreign and local instructors. The Rip Curl School of surf is simply our to your best choice for discovering wave, wind and all ocean sports a like.


In a set of 5 x 2 hours course periode of theory, practice, practical, our “Beach Surfer” program allows a total novice to master the key surfing skills quickly and easily. Learn the essentials in simple, easy-to-follow steps and master the art of riding waves, paddling, forehand and back hand turns. Courses also include essential ocean knowledge, surfing secrets and safety. You will be surfing the beach break with ease and confidence.

Build on the basics and master the techniques of reef wave riding. In a set of 5 x 2 hours course periode of theory, practice, practical. Level 2 courses are designed to prepare students for more challenging waves. The “Reef Surfer” program teaches the surfer the skills for generating board speed from the wave, transitional turns (cutbacks), paddling on behind the peak of the wave, compressions and extensions (Top & Bottom turns). Study books are utilized along with imagery coaching to ensure results.

Our 5 x 2 hours course periode of theory, practice, practical, “Power Surfer” program is the ultimate life changer. If your passion is to ride short boards, duck dive set waves and move to the tropics, then this program is for you. Picking up from the “Reef Surfer” program you will perfect your “cutback”, power of your “bottom turn”, finishing with a “snap” or a “floater”. The “Power Surfer” program is derived from our Rip Curl Team Rider Training Manual with direct inserts given to each student, along with performance reviews and imagery coaching.

Turn your kid into a “Little Ripper” with our specifically designed junior surfing program, we cover the skills and knowledge of our regular syllabus but teach them using specialized surfbords and methods developed especially for kids. One on one lesson per class for maximum safety and attention. Please inquire about our package rates for our 3 and 5 little ripper course programs including Certificate.

SURF FOIL – Intro & Clinic
Foil surfing is a new and exiciting form of surfing. The Surf Foil intro program will take the student through all of the necessary information of the equipment, safety, getting riding on the foil board, followed by foiling behind the tow-boat in flat water to learn how to raise and lower the foil, turns and generating speed “the pump”. The Clinic is a 2 day program including wave tow-ins, paddling-in and perfecting foil wave riding techniques.

For accelerated learning in a one on one environment, private lessons provide a faster route to success. Our dedicated Private course syllabus has been developed for individual tuition and coaching in specific areas. Maximum two students for 1 hour lesson per class. Please inquire about our package rates for 3 and 5 course programs including reef and boat trips to Canggu and Sanur.