Bali Covid-19 Update – September 2021

Here is the Bali Covid-19 Update – September 2021 – Finally some ‘better’ news on the Bali Covid-19 numbers front – better news is of course relative. The Covid-19 daily infection numbers are finally trending down now, with new daily cases in Bali under 500 from the highs of around 2000, and recorded Covid-19 deaths are under 30, half of what they have been over the last month. The 7-day averages are also declining. Good news indeed!

Alternative Bali Beaches Part 1

Being an island, Bali has so many options for beaches, that it can be overwhelming for choice! So, we have decided to give you quick run down on some alternatives to the usual Kuta/Seminyak/Canggu options.

Some of them are famous, and others, well, are the road less travelled, but worth the effort. Some of them are just like little boutique beaches, away from the madding crowds… Let’s check them out:

Seminyak Villa in Review – Villa Alore

Villa Alore is a 6 bedroom Seminyak villa, catering for up to 12 adults, or 2 x 3 bedroom pool villas with each villa catering for up to six adults. The Alore complex has a connecting door that could be opened to merge the two villas – with stylish residences set within a secure garden compound.

Alore is the perfect 6 bedroom villa for a large family or group of friends seeking a tropical retreat during their time on the Island of the Gods.

Bali Covid-19 Update – August 2021

Well, a lot can happen in a month since our last update!
Not just in Bali, but around the world, as we all try to come to terms not just with the CoronaVirus pandemic, and effects, but now also with the new delta variant impact which has started to take a firm grip around the world, and tightening restrictions all over again, in many places… check out our Bali Covid-19 Update – August 2021

Bali Opening August Update

Last month it was maybe yes, maybe no, on again, off again plans for opening Bali for tourism – well it’s definitely closed again now! Even stricter measures were put in place instead… Here is the Bali opening August Update