Marketing Collaboration Potential

With Villa Bugis – Private Pool Seminyak Villas


  1. During difficult economic times, we need to spend more time thinking how we can do things differently – looking at different ways of collaborating with other businesses in Bali that are symbiotic, but not in competition – therefore creating a win-win situation.
  2. For example our business is Villa Rentals, with a large customer base – many of whom may be interested in your business – likewise, some of your customer base may need somewhere to stay when they are in Bali – so marketing to both is symbiotic/win-win.


  1. Increase your website traffic via increased search result rankings and therefore visibility to customers. Better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on organic searches – means more customers coming to your website = increase $$$
  2. Increase customers coming to your website via referral websites (Ours to yours) = increase $$$
  3. Extra income from commission earned from our website – increase $$$


By adding website links to each other’s websites. This is called ‘Link Swapping’. What it does is adds credibility to your website, by having a well ranked business in Bali (ours), having a link to your business on our website, and a link to our business on yours.

This is proven to be a major way to improve SEO rankings, and therefore drive more customers to your website.


Not only that, but you potentially drive more traffic to your website, from the link on our website, and vice versa. We can recommend your business, in a section on our website, and you could recommend Villa Bugis as a place to stay when they are in Seminyak on your website. 

Any referral from your website resulting in a booking on our website, will also earn you 5% commission, just like an agent – for doing nothing!


For example if you were a photographer, on our website we would add you to our wedding section where we link to your website, with some appropriate text and any discount or promotional information, as well as the URL to your website. See the bottom of the webpage here: –

And on your website, you would add some text about us, the url to our website, and a promo code so customers get a discount for any bookings made through our website – a direct benefit to your customers – and we know to pay you commission!



If you are unsure about how or where to do this on your website, we can also provide technical assistance. As we said – no cost, not downside, only benefits and win-win to both parties.

See the next slide for how the promocode is added to an enquiry on our website, and how we receive the email enquiry with the promo code, so we know to pay commission on any booking.

We are also open to promoting your business directly to our in-villa guests


Looking to rent a private pool Seminyak Villa? 

For over 15 years Villa Bugis has been catering to the holiday needs of couples, families, friends and groups with a distinctive Balinese style 2 – 6 bedroom Seminyak villas.

Villa Bugis has a unique selection of nearly 30 sophisticated Balinese style villas in Central Seminyak, each individually and tastefully designed. Every spacious Seminyak villa is fully serviced and has a private swimming pool with sunbathing terrace, lush tropical garden, kitchen, bar, living and dining facilities, and a relaxing gazebo.

Check out the beautiful selection of Seminyak villas here at Villa Bugis 

Use the promo code XXXX5% exclusive to us to get an extra 5% discount on any Seminyak Villa stay! the Promo code will be customized just for you! 

Alterntive Short Text About Villa Bugis For Your Website

Looking to rent a private pool Seminyak Villa? Check out the beautiful selection of 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 bedroom Seminyak Villas here at Villa Bugis

Use the promo code XXXXX5% exclusive to us to get an extra 5% discount on any Seminyak Villa stay!


The promo code will be customized just for you!


What’s Next?

Just 2 more steps to go!

  1. Pass us the content that you would like us to place on our website – and a picture (or two) that bests represents your business.
  2. Add the content on the previous slide for the Villa Bugis backlink to your website – ask us for your unique promo code for your customers 5% discount on stays with Villa Bugis

Easy! Then backlinks are done, and ready to enjoy improvements in both our SEO!

Villa Bugis is a proud major sponsor of