Bali Emergency Phone Numbers

Bali Emergency Phone Numbers

Bali Emergency Phone Numbers

Let’s hope you never need the Bali Emergency Phone Numbers, but have you ever wondered how to contact emergency services in Bali, and other important and Emergency phone numbers in Bali?

It’s never as straightforward as you think!

Most times it will be faster to get a cab and drive to the nearest hospital or medical centre than calling an ambulance – but also be aware  that the local Balinese are always ready to help so if you are in an emergency don’t hesitate to ask for assistance! 

The new MAIN Emergency Phone Number is 112. Make sure you use the country and area code depending on what SIM card or phone you are using too – as the numbers given are usually for local dialing. Like many things – it’s never straightforward in Indonesia!


Main Emergency Phone Number = 112 (like 000 or 911)

Ambulance = 118

Search & Rescue = 111, 115, 151

Police = 110

Fire Dept. 113

Dialing Procedure

If you have a mobile with Local SIM, dial first 0361 (South Bali) 

(0362 North Bali | 0363 East Bali | 0365 West Bali | 0368 Bedugul).)

The country code for Indonesia is +62 and the area code for all of South Bali is (0)361 (incl. Gianyar, Ubud). So if you have an International SIM dial first +62 361

Via Landline dial directly the Emergency Phone Number.

If you need to call abroad from Indonesia you need to use one of the following prefixes: 001 / 007 / 009 / 017 or 0107.

Here is some more Emergency Phone Numbers Bali

Other Important Bali Emergency Phone Numbers

Indonesian Red Cross+62 (0)361 465 or 2264Tourist Assistance Centre+62 (0)361 224111
Siloam Hospital KUTA+62 (0)361 779 911 (24h)Taxi (Blue Bird)+62 (0)361 70 1111
Kasih Ibu Hospital DENPASAR+62 (0)361 227911 – 15Rescue Coordination Office+62 (0)361 115
BIMC Hospital KUTA+62 (0)361 761263Marine Rescue, Coast Guard+62 (0)361 3000 911
BIMC Hospital NUSA DUA+62 (0)361 3000911Beach Guard Baliwisata+62 (0)361 755660
Prima Medika Medical, UBUD+62 (0)361 972374TOURIST Police KUTA+62 (0)361 7845988
International Tourist Medical Services, KUTA+62 (0)361 751981TOURIST Police AIPORT+62 (0)361 9351023
Graha Asi Hospital (Near Airport)+62 (0)361 764860TOURIST Police NUSA DUA+62 (0)361 7442622