Bali Kite Season

Ever been told to go fly a kite?! While starting off in June, August is usually the peak of the windy season in Bali, where some of Bali’s keenest kite enthusiasts design, build, and fly their own kites! It’s Bali Kite Season!
The Balinese knows four kinds of traditional kites, namely Pecukan – one that has a shape of rose apple leaf; the round-shaped Cokek; the fish-figured Bebean and one that looks like a bat.
Traditional Balinese kites usually have far bigger spans compared to normal ones. A kite during Bali Kite Season could have measurement of 4 – 10 meters. Some kites have a kind of tail which might extend to 100 meters. You can often see a small traffic jam as kite enthusiasts sometimes walk or even bike their huge kites around the island.
Best places to see traditional Balinese kites are around the beaches and rice fields. Quite often you not only see them – you can hear them, as the locals often attach something looking like a large bow that vibrates in the wind, and makes a very low pitched humming, that can also be heard everywhere during Bali Kite Season! You can see that at the front of the huge kite in the picture below. And also, checkout the detail on the owl kite – hand painted by one of very own clever staff!

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