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Conservation Policy

Dear Guest,

As part of Villa Bugis commitment to the environment, we will change bathroom towels as necessary on your request.

  • A towel hanging up mean ‘I will use again’
  • A towel in the basket or on the floor ‘please change’

For your daily makeup removal needs, we have also provided a special ‘Eco Clean’ cloth, chemical-free and eco-friendly; just wet the cloth with water, wipe your face gently and watch the makeup dissolve!

During your stay, please kindly use these cloths for makeup removal instead of the white face cloths.

To clean the cloth, just use hand soap and warm water (do not launder).

It’s also our gift to you – take it home with you if you’d like!

Using these cloths will help reduce chemical usage in the laundry, therefore it’s more friendly to the environment, and will aldo be more efficient for makeup removal!

Thank you for helping us conserve!

Have a great stay!

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