Durian in Bali – The King of Fruits?

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Step aside, mangoes, coconuts and bananas; there’s a new fruit in town that commands attention like no other—the durian. Known as the “King of Fruits,” this tropical delicacy has captured the hearts and taste buds of millions, despite its divisive reputation. Now it’s even eassier to access durian in Bali.

Durian is an unusual tropical fruit that grows throughout Southeast Asia. At first glance, the durian might not win any beauty pageants, with its large, spiky husk that resembles an armoured weapon. However, upon opening this formidable exterior, you’re greeted by a striking contrast—a creamy, custard-like flesh that ranges from pale yellow to vibrant orange. Its soft texture and distinct flavour profile are often described as a blend of sweet, creamy, and slightly savoury notes. Some compare it to a heavenly combination of caramel, almonds, and onions, while others find it hard to describe due to its uniqueness.Other, less discerning palates compare its odour to a grease-trap.

Durian is like pineapple on pizza – it has lovers and haters, and divides people equally – but those that have spent much time in South East Asia, often become lovers of this amazing fruit. There is literally nothing like it to compare it to.

Durian in Bali are also nutritious! Despite the stench, durian is extremely healthy, even more so than many other fruits. Rich in vitamins and  minerals  as well as healthy fats, it offers a range of health benefits. This exotic fruit is also a great source of vitamin C, providing a significant boost to the immune system. Additionally, it contains essential B vitamins, potassium, iron, fiber, and antioxidants that promote cardiovascular health, aid digestion, and support healthy skin. Furthermore, one small durian contains 23g of dietary fiber which is nearly all of your daily nutritional requirement.

There are around 30 different varieties of durian. The fruit is native to many countries, such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Borneo and Thailand. Thailand is in fact the biggest exporter of the fruit and home to many durian farms, and of course all countries declare theirs to be the best, much like the argument over who has the best Laksa!

So why not make your own mind up – it will be an unforgettable experience, one way or the other! Now Durian in Bali has an easy to access durian tasting outlet too – ‘The House Of Durian’ check it out! It’s a bit like a wine tasting – you can spend as much or as little as you want on Durian in Bali, depending on the quality and quantity!