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    Please select your choice of Breakfast – you can see pictures at:
    Indicate total number of people at the start of each main category of either Bugis, Indonesian or Continental Breakfast and then the breakdown Eg 4 x Bugis Breakfast - consisting of 3 Fried Eggs and 1 Scrambled eggs – and number of side or optional dishes – eg 4 x bacon and 4 x Sausages – and then also desired drinks eg 4 x coffee and any fruit if desired.

    Served with optional 2 x side dishes per order of:

    Selection of bakery items with butter & jam

    Fresh Fruit Sliced:

    Selection of maximum 3 x fruit per breakfast order eg if 4 breakfasts, total should be 12 below

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    Bakery items: 12 K/pcs

    Cereals with milk: 22.5 K/pcs

    Yoghurt: 22.5 K/pcs

    Side Dishes: 12 K/pcs

    Please advise any special food requirements or comments here: