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This arrival in Bali information page has been put together to assist you with necessary information regarding your arrival in Bali.

Take a few minutes to enjoy some of our handy hints and tips!


Arrival In Bali – At The Airport

At Denpasar airport baggage collection area, there may be porters who will offer their services to help with your baggage. Note this is NOT a free service, but if you wish assistance, make sure you agree on a price in advance. If you do not wish to pay for this service, you can politely decline. 

After you have cleared immigration and collected any bags,  you will exit the terminal, and will firstly walk through the duty free tunnel – after this, you will pass Starbucks as the last shop – continue walking, past the customer service desk, until you loop around and start heading back towards all the drivers waving signs at you madly. 

It can be very busy and daunting with many drivers waving signs at you as you emerge from customs, so to make it easier to find the driver please keep going until you reach the sign in the picture here of the meeting point : 


– if you stand under this sign, Starbucks should be over the fence behind  and directly in front  you should see one of the drivers with a Villa Bugis sign with your name on it. If you do not, just wait there, they should appear soon!

If any issues, call/WA us on +62 81 236 832 838. Don’t forget to activate roaming on your phone – or you can get a local SIM just before the duty free.

To make it easier to connect with our driver, you may wish to download and copy the following picture to your phone (before you leave home) and hold it up on your mobile device when you come out through customs to meet the driver. The more of your group that show it, the easier it will be for the driver to see you, as well as you seeing the driver holding a sign with your name on it! So please do share it with your group.

You can find the picture here:

Villa Bugis Guest

When you see our sign, approach the driver, and let them know that you are our guest, and then proceed to meet them on the other side of the fenced off area,

If you have any issues at all, please do not hesitate to call our Reservations mobile number: +62 81 236 832 838.

Also, just to let you know, since our Guest Assistants are only available until 11 pm, if you arrive at the villa after 11 pm, our security may handle your check-in. However, our Guest Assistant will come to your villa in the morning to explain everything about the villa.

Villa Bugis Seminyak Villas

Looking for the perfect Bali Villa Location? Look no further, you have come to the right place! Villa Bugis has the right villa for every occasion – with many beautiful Balinese style 2 bedroom to 6 bedroom private pool villas all in the perfect Bali Villa Location! Check them out here:  Seminyak Villas

Villa Bugis Give Back To The Community

If all the above was not reason enough to stay with us, perhaps you would like to know how your booking with us gives back to Bali, through the Damara Bali Foundation, and support Bali while you enjoy your stay in our beautiful villas.

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