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Alternative Bali Beaches Part 1

Being an island, Bali has so many options for beaches, that it can be overwhelming for choice! So, we have decided to give you quick run down on some alternatives to the usual Kuta/Seminyak/Canggu options.

Some of them are famous, and others, well, are the road less travelled, but worth the effort. Some of them are just like little boutique beaches, away from the madding crowds… Let’s check them out:

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Bali Kite Season

Bali Kite Season

Ever been told to go fly a kite?!
While starting off in June, August is usually the peak of the windy season in Bali, where some of Bali’s keenest kite enthusiasts design, build, and fly their own kites…it’s Bali Kite Season!

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Nasi Campur

Ok, let’s talk about one of Buddy’s favourite topics about Bali – FOOD! It’s not just a tropical paradise, it’s food heaven! Not just local food – Indonesian, and specifically Balinsese, but Western and Asian food of all persuasions..This month we showcase Nasi Campur!

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What is Nyepi in Bali?

What is Nyepi in Bali? Nyepi is commonly called ‘Silent Day’ In Bali – this year Bali marked Hari Raya Suci Nyepi Saca 1943 on Sunday, 14 March 2021. Yep that’s right – in the Balinese calendar it’s 1943!
From sunrise on 14 March until dawn the following day…

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