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How Much Is A Villa In Bali

How Much Is A Villa In Bali
We will try to give you some tools to help answer the question of how much is a villa in Bali, highlighting why they are the perfect choice for a memorable getaway.

Bali, often referred to as the “Island of the Gods,” is a tropical paradise that offers visitors an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. While there are many accommodation options to choose from, Bali villas stand out as a luxurious and enchanting choice for your next vacation. In this post, we will try to give you some tools to help answer the question of how much is a villa in Bali, highlighting why they are the perfect choice for a memorable getaway.

When it comes to holiday villa rentals, we are afraid that not all villas are created equal – so to answer the question of How much is a villa in Bali – you need to consider many factors. 

At Villa Bugis, we provide ourselves with our track record of providing the best quality villas at the right price. In Bali you will see so many villas offered, at so many different prices. But it’s definitely not just about price.

But below are some other things to consider when choosing your villa – it’s not just about the cheapest price, for sure!


Choose a location that is close to your desired activities and attractions – and also for your ‘demographic’. In a nutshell, Kuta is the most well known, but caters mainly for the 18-25’s set, Sanur and Nusa Dua are also popular, but they can be largely resort style driven, and you can tend to get locked into a resort, Canggu is about 30 mins to 1 hour north of Seminyak, depending on the traffic, and is the newest area of rapid expansion in Bali – it is also popular with the younger 18-25 set, and can be a bit busy/noisy, Seminyak on the other hand, provides a more laid back offering, catering more for the over 25’s, as well as a more family oriented and perhaps more sophisticated alternative


Decide on the number of bedrooms you need based on the size of your party – and the bed configuration – singles vs doubles


Decide on a budget and look for villas that fit your budget and offers good value for money – remember – you always get what you pay for!

Amenities & Facilities

Consider what amenities you need, such as a a big swimming pool, garden, lawns, kitchen facilities, air conditioning, etc.


Not all villas offer the same inclusions – most people would like airport transfers and daily breakfast included


Read reviews from past guests to get an idea of the quality of the villa and the level of customer service.

Booking process

Make sure to book directly with the villa company or a reputable agency to avoid scams. Even reputable online travel agents have been known to host nonexistent villas, or pictures that look nothing like the villa when you turn up.

Term and Conditions

Carefully read the terms and conditions before booking to ensure you understand the inclusions and in particular cancellation policy.

But when it comes to price, you also need to be careful you are not tempted by any shonky deals.

Top 10 reasons to doubt a cheap quote when considering how much is a villa in Bali:

The old sayings of ‘you get what you pay for’ and ‘if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is’ also apply to selecting a villa in Bali. So what should you look out for when considering how much is a villa in Bali – to answer the question of ‘why is this villa so much cheaper’, it could be because:

  1. They may be illegal or unregistered and uninsured, or all
  2. They are in poor condition and not well maintained, and just do NOT look like the pictures posted which probably were of the villa when it was new
  3. They are in an unpopular/difficult location or very noisy
  4. Bad reviews – compare their reviews on a website like Tripadvisor with ours – if they are not there, or are not many, then this is cause for concern – it could just be from their friends!
  5. Quality of fittings, furnishings and appliances, with no backup generator
  6. Lack of amenities or inclusions
  7. Under staffed meaning lack of service in all areas from villa staff to office support
  8. No 24 x 7 security
  9. No breakfast or a Food and Beverage Department able to provide other meals cooked for you in the villa
  10. They do not have a track record of providing many years of top quality service and high customer satisfaction

Villa Bugis Seminyak Villas

Looking for the perfect Bali Villa Location? Look no further, you have come to the right place! Villa Bugis has the right villa for every occasion – with many beautiful Balinese style 2 bedroom to 6 bedroom private pool villas all in the perfect Bali Villa Location! Check them out here:  Seminyak Villas

Villa Bugis Give Back To The Community

If all the above was not reason enough to stay with us, perhaps you would like to know how your booking with us gives back to Bali, through the Damara Bali Foundation, and support Bali while you enjoy your stay in our beautiful villas.

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