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If you are wondering where to eat and drink in Seminyak, you can read anywhere about where the masses usually go – or where someone has paid an influencer or blogger – or sponsored an advertisement – but what about some great alternatives to the usual, but just as good – if not better! Here is your locals guide to where to eat and drink in Seminyak – recommended by people who live here and eat and drink here regularly!
Or do you just want to hang out in the villa, and get fed and watered by our renowned cooks and staff? Then check out our in Villa Dining options too here: in-villa dining – the ultimate dining experience!


Anantara Hotel – Seminyak Beach

For a classier place to watch the rays disappear over Seminyak, not much beats the views at the top of the Anantara – you can see up and down the beach, and way out to sea with uninterrupted views… bit of a hidden gem this one

Champlung Bar Seminyak Beach

For the laid-back bean bag experience – right next to the more popular versions, but this was one of the originals, and still one of the best for friendly service, and live music as the golden orb disappears over the horizon… can’t see that on the east coast ;-)

707 Bar Batu Belig

Pssst – wanna know where the locals go? Head down to 707 Bar Batu Belig – great drinks, hip music, and a great mix crowd… also great combination of tables chairs at the bar, bean bags on grass for those with a sand allergy, and rustic coolness….

Mano Mano – Seminyak

You won’t find too many tourists here either, unless they stumble across it! It’s tucked away in a corner, but its right on the beach, also a local know-how place… a little bit more upmarket than the beach bean bag bars, but at reasonable prices… a great compromise!



Hog Wild – Batu Belig

Now this is our FAVOURITE place of all – so much fun, good for couples, family, groups – it caters for the lot. As they say, wicked ribs, and brutal martinis – possibly the best ribs you will have anywhere in the world, let alone Bali! Suggestions – get the classic pork ribs with a side of corn on the cob –it’s all you will need – and try the margaritas or long island ice tea if you dare! And, wait to see what happens if you order a martini or margarita…. Shake shake shake!

Red Carpet Bar – Seminyak

The best Champagne Bar in Bali – great food, great drinks, great music!

For over a decade, ‘We look after you!’

Red Carpet Champagne Bar is the ideal spot to socialize with the better crowd. Enjoy a wonderful evening with your date, family, or friends. Without a doubt, Red Carpet Champagne Bar in Bali is among the favorite drinking spots and social hangouts of countless local expats and returning visitors to Bali.

Red Carpet Champagne Bar is proud to be the home to Asia’s largest Champagne collection, with well over a Hundred different labels on the menu. Try out our great imported wines for reasonable prices and cocktails.

Great location, right on eat street!

BhoBho Thai – Dewi Sri

Why go to Thailand, when it’s food is here?! This warung style café, serves very authentic Thai street food – as good as Bangkok to me! Even the deserts are good! Smallish menu, but it’s really all you need, with all your favourites at bargain local warung prices.


Eden Hookah Club Bali

Eden Hookah Club Bali is one of the most unique restaurants in Indonesia which fusing Sushi as the authentic tastes from the Far East with Shisha as the majestic grandeur of the Middle East. Eden Hookah Club Bali was opened in May 2019 in Kuta Bali, Indonesia. We are a restaurant in a relaxed atmosphere where you could find an eclectic list of Hookah not offered anywhere else. With its majestic façade and contemporary interior designed by award-winning Balinese architects, Eden Hookah Club found like the perfect home for you. Vision & Mission A Luxurious Assortment of Hookahs and Tobacco We will impress you with an incredible selection of premium Hookahs that we have found for you in different areas in all over the world. You will find the widest selection of flavors from best Tabaco companies. We are ready to make you happy. Hookah Masters and Art of Mixology Base for our approach are highly qualified Masters of the Hookah Industry. Our ability to combine unconnected will make your receptors feel unbelievable pleasure. Come in and try the Art of Mixology with Masters of Eden.

Tere Seminyak: A Fusion Wonderland for Your Palate!

Explore the enchanting world of fusion at Tere Seminyak, where diverse flavors come together to create a culinary masterpiece. Our chefs meticulously blend global influences, offering a dining experience that transcends the ordinary. From tantalizing fusions to innovative culinary creations, each dish is a celebration of taste and creativity. Join us for a gastronomic journey that will leave your palate delighted and yearning for the unique fusion wonders of Tere Seminyak!



Pak Malen (Babi Guling) – Seminyak

Anyone that knows local food, knows Babi Guling – and anyone that knows the best Babi Guling, knows Pak Malen – if you’re adventurous in your cuisine, and don’t mind the fact that you will fight for a seat, it’s a must do in Bali. Pork many different ways, all on a plate with rice and soup. Sounds simple, taste delish! Must do. But get there before 2pm, as when its gone, its done! Did I mention must do? 

Nasi Campur and Nasi Padang

Nasi campur, is basically choose your rice colour, and point at a few dishes, and add them to your rice. Nasi Padang is the same, but with different food choices, such as beef rendang. Choices often change daily, but the flavours and spices as well as prices are usually magic. Don’t let the look of places put you off, or the food behind the curtain – this is what the locals eat – with good reason… We can recommend Warung Taman Bambu in Jln Plawa to spoil you for choice and a hidden gem, and Warung Melati at Nakula 5 will blow your mind for value for money! For a very rustic local taste experience try Rumah Gadang Masakan Padang, the Rendang is yummy!

Villa Bugis Seminyak Villas

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Villa Bugis Give Back To The Community

If all the above was not reason enough to stay with us, perhaps you would like to know how your booking with us gives back to Bali, through the Damara Bali Foundation, and support Bali while you enjoy your stay in our beautiful villas.

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