This arrival in Bali information page has been put together to assist you with necessary information regarding your arrival in Bali.

Take a few minutes, to enjoy some of our handy hints and tips!

  • On arrival in Bali

    Arrival In Bali – At The Airport

    At Denpasar airport baggage collection area, there may be porters who will offer their services to help with your baggage. Note this is NOT a free service, but if you wish assistance, make sure you agree a price in advance. If you do not wish to pay for this service, you can politely decline. Once you clear customs and immigration, eventually you will come out into the arrivals area, where you will see a sea of people and signs to greet you.
    This can be quite daunting, but rest assured, our driver will be there, with a ‘Villa Bugis’ sign, and the name of the booking party, clearly written on it. Take some time to scan the crowd, our driver is usually somewhere near the middle.
    When you see our sign, approach the driver, and let them know that you are our guest, and then proceed to meet them on the other side of the fenced off area, by first going through the ‘Duty Free’ Store to the left. The driver will meet you on the other side of the shopping tunnel.
    If you have any issues at all, please do not hesitate to call our mobile number: +62 81 236 832 838.

    Arrival At Your Villa

    1. Let the staff borrow your passports for a short time. To comply with regulations we need to register all guests with the local police and therefore need your passport or a copy of your passport. Only registered guests can stay in the villa. If you like to bring other guests temporarily to the villa then we ask them to leave their identification with the security
    2. Inform the staff what time you need help with breakfast the following day (if breakfast is included in your package)
    3. Inform the staff what time you like to have housekeeping services, so that you are not disturbed, if you are not an early riser!
    4. Let the staff know if you would like a special local meal cooked for you at the villa – ask the staff for options and prices – it’s a great option, and highly recommended!
    5. The Keys in the doors to the bedrooms have one key for the Villa front door too…. Ensure you take it with you each time you go out, and lock the Villa

    At Any Time:

    1. If you like to order food from the restaurants then either call directly/use an app or ask the staff for assistance. The staff is available to serve the food during housekeeping hours or later by prior arrangement
    2. If you need transport hen ask the staff if you need assistance
  • On Departure

    1. Ensure you have your airport pick-up booked – usually 2 hours before departure is ok – check with staff
    2. Take all your belongings with you
    3. Leave the safes OPEN
    4. Leave all the keys in the doors
  • What about before you leave?

    If you are wondering what you need to prepare BEFORE you leave home, and arrive in Bali, you may wish to check out our travel checklist items. Have a look here:   Bali Travel Checklist

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